H.A.N.D.D.S. to the Rescue (Helping Abused, Neglected, Disabled, Displaced Souls)H.A.N.D.D.S. is in the process of developing or re-starting several community programs, with the hope of allowing dogs to stay in their current homes rather than having to come to us. We will post more information here and on our Facebook page as it becomes available. A bit of a sneak peak, though:

  • We are currently fund-raising to re-start our Snip N’ Clip program, which has helped hundreds 783 of dogs and 234 cats with low-cost spaying and neutering.
  • We are also currently in the early stages of organizing a series of low-cost vaccine and microchip events.

Many of the dogs that come into H.A.N.D.D.S. to find new homes do so because their owners were not able to afford basic veterinary care, and so they became pregnant or ill with diseases such as parvovirus. We hope to soon offer these low-cost services to assist pet owners keep their pets in their own homes.

If you are an individual or business that is interested in sponsoring either of the above programs, please contact Dana at Even small donations can have a huge impact on the pets in our community! In addition, if you have ideas for other programs to keep pets in their homes and with their families, please contact us.

H.A.N.D.D.S. is also always in need of more foster homes to maintain and expand our adoption program, for dogs and puppies of all sizes. You get to choose how often you foster and what type(s) of dogs would be appropriate for your home. You don’t even need to already have a dog of your own! We often have foster dogs who, for one reason or another, would prefer not to live with other dogs – but are perfect with people! Please contact Lori at for more information on fostering.