How to Adopt

Our Adoption Procedures…

All adoptions require an application and brief interview so we can help you choose a pet that would fit your lifestyle. **Renters need a landlord letter stating any breed or size restrictions.**

Puppies are available for adoption the day your application is approved. We understand that adult dogs come with some special quirks and may not be right for every family. All adult dogs come with a ONE WEEK TRIAL.  After the trial, when you know this is the dog for you, make an appointment to finalize your adoption!

Currently our Adoption Fees:

Adult dogs (7 months or older): $200
Puppies $225
Large breed dogs $250

Things To Consider…

If you are thinking about opening your heart and your home to a new family member, it’s important to choose the right pet for your family’s lifestyle. Remember, the decision to get a pet should always be a family decision, not just one made by the kids or mom and dad. After all, everyone will have a part in raising and caring for this new family member!

Here are a few things to consider…

1.  Can you afford a new pet?

  • ​Food. A 70lb dog will need about $500 a year in food.
  • Vet bills.  It costs between $200 and $400 a year just to take your dog to the vet.  
  • Puppies need A LOT of training! (Check out our friends at Peaceful Paws Dog Training for a really great deal!)
  • Medication.  Dogs need to be on heartworm preventative YEAR ROUND.

2.  Do you have time for a pet?

  • Your dog needs to be exercised, daily.  Feeding, bathing, and cleaning up after it.  Make sure if you’re getting a dog for the kids that you are okay with doing most of the work.
  • Some breeds (American Cattle dog, Australian Shepard, Husky) need mental stimulation in addition to the exercise.

3.  Are your living arrangements suitable for the pet you have in mind? 

  • Big dogs require a lot of room!
  • Hounds are barkers and might not be best for apartment living
  • Fenced in yards are good for dogs who lead with their nose

4.  Are you willing to make a LIFE LONG commitment to your new pet?

  • As dogs get older, the bills increase.  More vet care for seniors, medication.
  • Many dogs get surrendered because of the addition of a new family member.  (Training can help!)
  • Who will get the dog if the owner passes away? 

Important Reminders…

  • Spay or neuter your own pets.
  • Vaccines NEED to be kept up-to-date
  • A tired dog is a good dog.